Lawyer by almost, 2 Spaniards top

Czech Republic played today against the Greeks. In the first 7 minutes they scored 2 time and they were ready: 2-1 for Czech Republic. Our Lawyer with Russia seemed to be heading for victory but was ultimately satisfied with an equal game: 1-1. With 4 points and the last match against the weak Greece will be fine with Dickie.

In OGVP again 6 leaders whose 2 Spaniards Wim Sturm in Manuel Martinez Fernandez (Who would be the true Spaniard?). Between all this violence knowsGerrit Lemmenis to maintain good (only 27 Gerrit matches and then we stop it, see guestbook). Guusje, Nina in Roland remain stubbornly to the 0 hang.

The photo at left is a new entry for bonus question 5. This comes from the flying squad specifically for the OGVP weather report live from the Ukraine does (From left to right. Govert Derks, Robert Weerts, January Sturm, Joost de Wim Derks storm). These men are probably still more in store for us: a small taste.And now all fingers crossed for tomorrow…

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